Newhaven Dessa Uni roof system.

We are really proud to showcase our temporary roof structure for the re-roofing of a major store in Newhaven. Our company which has has over 25 years of experience in various specialist industries, were approached by Best Demolition to give the Summerfield store a new look. We worked extremely closely with AFIX UK, with whom we have a longstanding relationship, to complete this challenging project on time. The task was to design and build a 55m long by 50m span duo pitch roof using the DESSA Uni roof system. Despite the use of modern technology in the scaffolding industry, this project required manual construction, highlighting the importance of basic skills, patience, and careful planning. ( For the full video see the Portfolio tab )

A word  from Jeff Satwick managing director - 

From beginning to end, the entire project was a success. AFIX UK provided the necessary equipment, DESSA contributed their design expertise, and the scaffolding site team worked tirelessly to complete the job ahead of schedule. I am incredibly proud of everyone involved.

Our company has become a prominent contractor in the construction industry by carefully expanding our team and hiring individuals who enhance our technical knowledge. We highly value these employees and plan to retain them. This approach has fostered strong relationships with our esteemed clients and has allowed us to consistently meet, and often exceed, project deadlines. “